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4 ways VR can enhance your guests' experience at your next event

VR is all the rage now

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So, what is Virtual Reality?

Gaming How's take on VR

Virtual Reality (VR) allows users to experience and sometimes interact with a 3D virtual world. It typically requires a head-mounted display (HMD) for visual as well as controllers and sensors for input/gestures tracking. While what the user sees is from the display, audio also plays an important part in the completing the overall immersive experience. Moreover, VR content may also go beyond the 3D virtual world or games and include real world content like actual video footage recorded from a 360° camera .

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1. Playing Virtual Reality Video Games

First on the list is of course to use VR to play video games. In fact, Virtual Reality adds more realism to game play and definitely brings immersiveness up a couple of notches. From fighting aliens to slaying dragons, VR Games are typically simple to play and fun to watch.

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2. Interactive Virtual Reality

One extension of VR video games is job and profession simulation. These VR content and games that allow users to be someone that they've always wanted to be and definitely works well with our imagination. They include being a fire fighter, emergency room surgeons and even bus or train drivers!

3. Exploration in a Virtual Reality World

VR has made it possible for users to visit places that we may never go to or take part in activities that we may never experience in this lifetime. From deep sea diving to outer space exploration, content designers have designed VR content that allows users to swim alongside virtual sharks and whales or land on the moon with other virtual astronauts.

Gaming How and VR

4. Experiencing the Real World

The advent of 360° cameras that records stunning 4k video quality has opened the doors to many possibilities in bringing experiential content closer to people. These real world content includes the actual footage of activities like skydiving, go-kart racing, roller coaster rides or even visiting places of interest.

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