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Uniquely Singapore

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The following fun facts highlight the distinctiveness and excitement of the F1 Grand Prix Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore, makies it a standout event on the Formula One calendar.

  1. Unique Night Race: The Marina Bay Street Circuit is the first and only Formula One track to host a night race. The bright floodlights illuminate the circuit, creating a mesmerizing spectacle as the cars race through the city streets under the stars.
  2. Street Circuit Transformation: The Marina Bay Street Circuit is a temporary track that utilizes public roads. Before the race, the streets undergo a dramatic transformation, turning a bustling urban environment into a high-speed racing circuit.
  3. Long Lap Distance: The circuit measures 5.063 kilometers per lap, making it one of the longest tracks on the Formula One calendar. The drivers face 23 challenging turns, including tight corners and fast straights, adding to the excitement and difficulty of the race.
  4. Record-Breaking Lap Times: The Marina Bay Street Circuit has witnessed some impressive lap times. In 2019, Sebastian Vettel set the track record with a time of 1:39.491, showcasing the incredible speed and skill of the drivers
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  1. Iconic Singapore Skyline: The circuit offers stunning views of Singapore's iconic skyline, including landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, the Singapore Flyer, and the Merlion. Spectators get to enjoy the race while surrounded by the city's architectural marvels.
  2. Challenging Racing Conditions: The combination of high humidity, intense heat, and the demanding street circuit layout poses a significant challenge for both drivers and teams. It requires exceptional physical and mental endurance to excel in these conditions.
  3. Exciting Nighttime Atmosphere: The Marina Bay Street Circuit's night race creates a unique atmosphere that is electrifying and captivating. The dazzling lights, vibrant crowds, and the city's buzzing energy make it a truly unforgettable experience for fans attending the Grand Prix.

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