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5 Reasons why a Racing Simulator is all you'll need at a F1 Party!

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Over the past 10 years, the F1 Night Race in Singapore has seen many joining in the fun and get soaked on the hype by hosting F1 Parties and Events. Having provided racing simulator rentals to many clients in Singapore, we took the chance to collate the top 5 reasons why renting and hiring a racing simulator during the Singapore Grand Prix leg, held every September, is an excellent idea in terms of entertainment and value add.

1. Virtual Simulation

Most F1 drivers train on a world class simulator to get themselves familiarize with the circuit before the actual race and some even started out as young virtual racers before getting onto the big stage of Formula One racing. Either way, simulators provide the next best environment to train, hone and perfect their racing skills.

2. Marina Bay Street Circuit

Most hardly had the chance to be on the Singapore race track, let along race on it. A racing simulator allows for guests to experience the signature turns (23 in total) of the F1 Night Race circuit, that measures 5.065 km.

3. Time Trial Challenge

Well, the time a virtual racer takes to race one lap on the virtual track is almost exactly the same time taken for the F1 drivers to complete one lap on the circuit, only thing is the actual race requires a total of 61 laps to complete. The fastest lap time recorded in 2017 was 1:45.008 by Lewis Hamilton. See if you can beat his score by setting a new virtual record!

4. The Singapore Skyline

Singapore's iconic skyline that we see today wasn't built overnight and it took the nation almost a decade to fine-tune this skyline to near perfection. Enjoy every bit of it when you race on the racing simulator and you will get to appreciate it even on the racing rig. 

5. Immersive-ness redefined

Immersed in to the next level of video gaming entertainment when you add a pair of VR googles, output the graphics to a 50" TV or even on to 3 x Monitors. And when these equipment are tweaked and enhanced, it is where the lines of realism and immersive-ness are truly blurred.

If you're hosting an upcoming event or activation that requires a racing simulator with a strong 'wow' factor, then Gaming How is the one for you. Drop us a line at to find out more.

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